Because I just love Christmas, the tree, the gifts, the smells, the carols, the candles, the cooking, everything.

Because it was the first year Willow really kind of understood.

Because we knew the boy’s big ticket item that they didn’t really believe we would buy them was under the tree.

Because for the first time, the kids were waking up in their own beds on Christmas morning with presents under their own tree. Because we all still believe in a little of magic and Christmas morning helps us revisit the excited child in our hearts. Because of our perfect tree with its crooked star, decorated with children’s hands. Because even though I wasn’t with the rest of my family, I knew they were all together, and that we while we were missed, we were loved.

Because we had all morning to play and then prepare for a gorgeous Christmas lunch with the most beautiful friends any little family could hope for. Because I had a hot coffee in my hand, made just the way I like it. Because Oscar bought me pictionary so we could have fun together and Eli picked jewellery with green in it because he knows it’s my favourite colour. Because of the little things.

Because this Christmas I remembered that when Nick and I started dating we bought each other Leunig books, because we both love him and now we can share his incredible insights with our children. Because he bought me the most basic of cook books with love in his heart because he believes in me, because he knows how badly I want next year to be about our family and creating a home filled with the smells of homecooking and love.

Because he also knows I am slightly in love with Simon Reeve and bought me his dvd anyway. Because of 1000 other things that fill my heart. Because I love these four people and these two precious furry friends and the happy, noisy chaos that filled our loungeroom.

This little family. This Christmas morning. This joy. This hope of everything I want 2013 to be for us. I am so grateful.

Merry Christmas everyone, and the happiest of Happy New Years xoxo