My week on instagram….


My lovely friend Caroline, knowing how I love documenting our life, suggested I do a weekly recap of life as it happened over the week (or rather as I captured on Instagram, my newest obsession). I completely loved the idea and so here we are, the week that was (well actually the week and 2 extra days, I blame the Easter Bunny ;)

It was a pretty amazing week actually, according to my Instagram updates and looking through this little cluster of photos reminded me of just how ridiculously blessed I am, living this life with amazing friends, experiencing new things, watching my children grow and strive, going to concerts that feed my soul and having my prioritites thrown clearly into perspective as fast as a small blonde girl can fall headfirst out of a four wheel drive. This life, the beautiful little life of ours, I am so grateful..


On Sunday we went to a Fig and Macadamia Harvest Party. It was amazing.


On Monday she wore pink pyjamas to school with no shoes and insisted on leading Teddy all the way (particularly the wrong way).


On Tuesday she woke up and declared that pink was no longer her favourite colour and had been replaced by blue.

 2013-03-26_1364277046 2013-03-26_1364279497 2013-03-26_1364279559 2013-03-26_1364279884

On Tuesday afternoon Oscar swam, rode and ran his huge little heart out to finish his very first triathlon. I was truly proud of him.

2013-03-26_1364287853 2013-03-26_1364287944

On Wednesday night the full moon was beautiful and haunting and Eli was as mesmerised by it as I was by him.


On Thursday afternoon, weeks of arguments, tears and effort were rewarded beautifully.


And Opa came to stay :)

2013-03-29_1364538195 2013-03-29_1364538210 2013-03-29_1364538254

On Friday we played on the beach at Rosebud.


And watched Oma sail by on The Sea Princess from the Blairgowrie foreshore that night.


On Saturday the boys ran with the waves at Portsea Back Beach.

2013-03-30_1364628866 2013-03-30_1364656142

And I watched Adam Duritz and Counting Crows for an hour or two then stayed up way too late drinking wine and putting the world to rights

2013-03-31_1364698171On Sunday Nick cooked an amazing Easter lunch

2013-03-31_1364711650And I watched my girl tumble out of the car onto rocks too fast for me to break her fall.

2013-03-31_1364768305 2013-03-31_1364768769 2013-03-31_1364768421 2013-03-31_1364768357 On Monday morning all was well and the beach beckoned and breakfast was cooked by our boy.

526797_10151402897792675_514859624_n 529070_10151402897202675_369474665_n

I watched the boys build sand forts at Portsea and was reminded why I love this man so much, the same one I had fought with half the weekend. He gives our children the greatest gift there is, his time.

We drove home from our Easter at Blairgowrie tired and happy and reflective.

It was just an ordinary week, filled with extraordinary moments …