Capturing life, just as it is…

A little while ago, my darling friend Loretta called me to tearfully tell me their beloved cat had just died and that she had realised that life was rushing by, her children were growing and changing fast and that she needed, so very badly, to have this moment in time captured. Just them, just as they were, in the house her and Nick had made into the most beautiful home for themselves and their quiet, beautiful, brilliant Tate and their larger than life, wonderful, sweet, crazy Remy.

On Saturday I spent the most beautiful afternoon with them and their new cat, Boo. This wonderful little family. Just capturing them doing what they do, teaching their children to play the beautiful music they have dedicated their lives to, reading, cooking, playing backyard cricket, sharing fruit and silly stories at their table, being together, loving each other.

I wanted to take these moments and turn them into something real for them, something they can touch and look at and remember, forever. Something that will make them close their eyes and hear that laughter long after their backyard has fallen quiet. Something that will remind of what they felt that day and that their life together is beautiful.

It was never about taking a perfect family portrait. It was just about them, everything that they are, everything that is between them. That is why I was there. And it was such a gift to be asked.

Thank you, my lovely friends, for reminding me of why I do what I do xoxox


  1. What beautiful precious images. This is the type of family photography I love. It’s real and authentic. You have a wonderful gift. :)